22 January 2009

I'm not here

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01 January 2009

Now Open

Blah, blah, blah, welcome:

What's gonna be YOU in 2009?
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30 December 2008

Closing Time

Celebrate the closing year one last time—its ups, downs and everything in-between. Know that 2009 will be better, as each new year should be. Now it's only just that we welcome it with fresh faces, zero credit balances, patched-up differences, lighter backpacks...

Give a minute and think... or feel:

What are you leaving behind in 2008?
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23 December 2008

The biggest buffets of 2008

Watch until the very last second and see Simon Baker's cute smile!
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Tug. Tag.

I don't really do this tag thingy, but this pretty lady has been very nice to me that I shall now mirror her niceness and—maybe just this once—post this 'ex' Q&A tag. Quite timely, too, if I may kick. Keep blogging, Vannie. :-)

He says...Why did you let me go?
Your brother was squeezing my left hand, so...

He says... Can I win you back?
Auditions are 4-6AM, Thursdays.

He says... But I am very much happy with you back then.
"Was," smart ass, not "am."

He says...I still love you.
Who wouldn't?

He says...When did we last talk?
Ages ago. I said Hi, you said Bye. Wait, that wasn't a conversation...
Waving doesn't count either, no? Hmm...

He says... Can you go out with me?
Sure! I'll bring my hubby.

He says... Hey, can i give you/ask for a ride?
I never refused free cabs./Walking is very healthy.

He says... Were you able to move on?
I'm wearing signature stuff now, am I not?

He says... I regret losing you.

He says... My parents do not like you.
Mine don't like me either. Haha.

He says... You have changed.
Yes. I have intestines now.
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I love my sister, I love my sister, I love my sister...

The other day, I awoke to a very disturbing phenomenon albeit its being commonplace in the freak show that is my life.

My Colegiala beyond repair sister #2 on the phone. To relive the horror:

[I Assumed, The Party On The Other Line: How can we help you?]
My Colegiala Beyond Repair Sister #2: Umm, I'm calling to verify my application?

[IATPOTOL: What's your full name?]
MCBRS#2: Um, Maya Viola Serenade?

[IATPOTOL: How old are you?]
MCBRS#2: Um, 19?

[IATPOTOL: How are you related to Salsa Falsetto?]
MCBRS#2: Um, I'm her daughter?

[IATPOTOL gave instructions of some sort]
MCBRS#2: Um, I got it: I'll just drop by the nearest branch for the payment?

[IATPOTOL: When was the application submitted?
MCBRS#2: Um, we submitted it last week?

I swear. Would've been clearer if this post came with some audio effects to show the unifying intonation in that verbal pingpong. The world presents a bajillion questions for its youth and, apparently, my sister has all of them. And here I'd been worried about my own personal confusions, when my sister isn't even sure what her name is.

This happened on a lazy afternoon. One that I waited for for a well deserved power nap which I wish lasted for a few minutes longer... enough to keep myself in the dark about my poor sister's questions... I wish I could help her get answers, but sadly thinking of pseudonyms takes all of my remaining energy. Plus I'm too busy chanting my new affirmation:

I love my sister, I love my sister, I freaking love. My sister.
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22 December 2008

"Lalaki po, sir?"

Save the colonialism plaguing the nation for all eternity, has this country become more confused to the point of hilarity as well? I'd like to pitch in and say no to a senile country:

I shall never wear polo to a mall again. Ever.
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